Cherokee County School District Police Department Chief Mark E. Kissel has been tapped to seve as president of the Georgia Association of Secondary School Law Enforcement Executives. 

The asociation, chartered in July 2005, represents secondary school police chiefs. 

It's mission is to:

  • promote professional ideals and standards;
  • enhance professional development; 
  • encourage proactive involvement between law enforcement, community and school staff; and 
  • provide a network for the members to obtain and share information relative to the area of administration, technology and best practices.

Kissel was elected presidnet during the organization's conference on Feb. 11 in Athens.  

“With interest mounting in the public and private sector for safe schools across the United States, it’s in the best interest of our (school) communities for the school police chiefs to be of one-mind and one-voice to ensure that students and staff have a safe and secure environment for teaching and learning,” Kissel said of his tenure.

Kissel has been with the Cherokee County School District since May 1999 when the district's police department was created. He served for 24 years with the Gwinnett County Police Department before retiring from the agency in 1998.

He also served on the International Police Task Force with the United Nations in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1998. 

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