Jul 27, 2014
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Jackie Archer: Bankruptcy Has "Never Been A Secret"

Cherokee County Commission chair candidate Jackie Archer is in hot water for not correctly answering a question about her 1998 bankruptcy filing.

Jackie Archer: Bankruptcy Has "Never Been A Secret"
A Republican candidate for the Cherokee County Commission chair seat has come under fire for not answering a question correctly about a financial matter.

A video of Jackie Archer's interview before the Cherokee County Republican Party's Vetting Committee has surfaced, and Archer was asked if she, an organization or business under her control had ever filed for bankruptcy or are facing any other financial issues.

Archer simply answered "no" to the question, which starts about 17:50 into the video. 

However, according to  Peach Pundit, Archer filed for bankruptcy in 1998 after divorcing her first husband. The documents show Archer initially filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and the case was later converted to a Chapter 7 case. 

The case was closed in 2000.

Archer responded to the revelations in an emailed statement to Patch: 

In the age of the internet, nearly all of our public records are readily available, and bankruptcy details are no exception. A series of questions during the end of my interview with CCRP (Cherokee County Republican Party) earlier this year, as I understood this particular series of final questioning, was based on my legal eligibility to run for an elected position. My response to these specific questions was recorded. 

The CCRP video was even referenced in the May issue of the Around Woodstock magazine for voters to preview. My 1998 bankruptcy has never been a secret, and was addressed in my previous election campaign when I ran for city of Holly Springs City Council in 2001 and subsequent re-election campaigns.

Archer served on the Holly Springs City Council for nearly a decade, and is currently a member of the Cherokee County Development Authority. She is challenging incumbent Commission Chair Buzz Ahrens, who is seeking a third term to the post. 

Tell us: how do you feel about Archer's response to the question and statement? Does it change your mind on who you will support in the May 20 Republican primary?

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