Jul 28, 2014
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Random Acts of Kindness in Woodstock & Towne Lake

Use the hashtag #PatchRandomActs on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about a selfless act you witnessed or experienced in your town.

Random Acts of Kindness in Woodstock & Towne Lake Random Acts of Kindness in Woodstock & Towne Lake

Have you noticed your friends or neighbors making a difference in Woodstock and Towne Lake? We want to know about it!

Whether it's taking a stray dog to a shelter, taking out trash for a sick neighbor or helping out in a community garden, every random act of kindness is appreciated by the community.

With Sunday being the unofficial "Random Acts of Kindness Day," we want to see how many random acts we can inspire across the United States in the 905 communities Patch covers.

If you know of someone who has done a good deed in Woodstock and Towne Lake, tell their story in the comments section below.

Also, be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #PatchRandomActs.

To keep the momentum going and it pay it forward yourself, here are some ways you can help others in the community:

Tell us: What are some volunteer opportunities in Woodstock? Who are some people who are doing selfless acts of kindness in the community?

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