Jul 27, 2014
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Register for Wireside Chat with Legislators

Woodstock Mayor Donnie Henriques and County Commission Chair Buzz Ahrens will discuss the Regional Transportation Referendum.

Register for Wireside Chat with Legislators

Before you vote on July 31, call in to talk about the Transportation Referendum issues with Cherokee legislators.

The "Wireside Chat," inspired by President Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chat” during World War II in which he detailed the progress of the war while citizens followed along at home using a world map, will connect local elected officials with residents of the region, according to a news release.

During these phone calls, residents can ask questions about the projects on the list and follow along using a regional map.

Buzz Ahrens and Donnie Henriques will field calls on June 13 at 6:15 p.m.

“Mayor Henriques and I look forward to speaking with potentially thousands of our friends and neighbors about the referendum,” Ahrens said. “Our goal is to inform Cherokee County residents about the projects that will impact them most.”

Residents are asked to register in advance to receive materials they can refer to during the call. To register, visit www.wiresidechats.com or call 404-463-3227.  All questions will be answered, either live or as a follow-up e-mail or phone call.

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