20 Aug 2014
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Holiday Recipe: Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Is there anything better than hot chocolate on a cold winter day? Hot chocolate on a stick can also make for a great homemade gift idea.

Holiday Recipe: Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot chocolate lovers, this post is for you.

You may think you are more-than-happy with the powdery hot chocolate you buy at the store, but this recipe may just change your mind.

Also, if you are looking for a thoughtful, homemade holiday gift, hot chocolate sticks can be packaged and shared with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers ... you get the idea.

I first came upon a recipe for hot chocolate on a stick on Pinterest. I read several different recipes before settling on this recipe from Giversblog. The first batch was easy to make and ready within a half-hour.

While I will refer you to Giverslog for the full recipe, I will leave you with a couple pointers:

  • In reading several different blogs and recipes, I would suggest buying a decent chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter. The Dark 60 Percent Cacao Chocolate Squares from Ghiradelli work well.
  • Be sure to buy a sturdy stick. Wooden craft sticks that can be found at Michael's or other craft stores work well. If the stick is too flimsy, it will be hard to stir the hot chocolate with the milk.
  • There are plenty of creative ideas out there for packaging the hot chocolate sticks if you do decide to give as a gift. There are also free labels you can print off available on various blogs ( like these, which can be found on whipperberry.com ).


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