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How Wealth Ranges by Neighborhood in Algonquin

The online tool Rich Block, Poor Blocks uses Google Maps and U.S. Census data to break down the median household income by neighborhood.

How Wealth Ranges by Neighborhood in Algonquin

There is a noticeable range in wealth from neighborhood to neighborhood in Algonquin with the majority of the village's highest income earners living west of Algonquin's downtown area and in subdivisions near Randall Road. 

But even the neighborhoods with the lowest household incomes are still well above the statewide median household income and are also higher than the state's range for middle-class income, according to  Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, an online tool that combines Google Maps with the most recent Census data to show income and rent prices. 

One of Algonquin's wealthiest neighborhoods is located west of Fairway View Drive, east of Square Barn Road and South of Bunker Hill Drive, which is also in the area of the Terrace Hill Golf Course.

There, the median household income is $106,635, according to  Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks. In comparison, the median household income in Illinois is $56,576 and the statewide middle-class income range is $48,084.20 to $59,245.40. 

Immediately west and northwest of these neighborhoods — which includes subdivisions south of Algonquin Road and north of Square Barn Road to — the median household income is around $94,000. 

For famlies living immediately east and west of Randall Road, from Algonquin Road south to North County Line Road, which includes the area surrounding Jacobs High School, the median household income is around $103,000. A little further south on Randall Road, in an area east of Boyer Road and west of Sleepy Hollow Road, the median income is slightly higher at about $105,000. 

The less-wealthy neighborhoods are mainly located on the east side of Algonquin. 

Neighborhoods east and west of Main Street — and just north of Route 62 — earn a median household income of around $73,000. Another area where families earn the same income is located north of the Fox River and east of Route 31 in the neighborhoods just south and north of Cary Road

The median household income for families living north of Algonquin Road, south of the Fox River and west of Haligus Bend Road is between $80,000 and $82,000. 

A jump in wealth on the village's east side can be found just south of Algonquin's downtown area — and includes homes off of Edgewood Drive and neighborhoods east of Main Street and west of Sandbloom Road. There, the median household income is around $92,000. 

The poorest neighborhoods in McHenry County are in Harvard where there are neighborhoods with household incomes of around $34,000. 

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