Jul 30, 2014

Repentance: A Change of Heart, Mind & Direction

Repentance: A Change of Heart, Mind & Direction

At Redemption Bible Church, we’re in the middle of a series on one of the most talked about – and most misunderstood – issues in the Christian faith: repentance. Without it, there is no salvation and no spiritual growth. But many people are confused about what it is and isn’t.

Join us at 9:00 am this Sunday, January 19, at Prospect High School for a message titled “5 Signs of Godly Sorrow”.

For summaries of the first two messages in the series, click on the titles here: “ 3 Essential Marks of Genuine Repentance” and “ 3 Keys to Facing My Sin”.

Redemption meets at Prospect High School, 801 West Kensington Rd., Mt. Prospect. For more information or directions, please call (847)654-1274 or visit redemptionbiblechurch.org.

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