Jul 28, 2014
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Asbestos Found in Sunny Hill Elementary School

The material was discovered after removing white boards from four classrooms last week.

Asbestos Found in Sunny Hill Elementary School

Asbestos has been found in as many as four classrooms at in Carpentersville.

A hard material was found in three or four classrooms last week that was later identified as asbestos. It was discovered after white boards were removed from the walls to install new SmartBoards in the classrooms.

“The good news is that the asbestos was not airborne at any time and can be completely and safely contained by putting up new drywall and repainting the four classrooms,” Superintendent Tom Leonard said in a letter to parents.

The four classrooms affected by the asbestos have been relocated to a temporary space in the school.

“The other good news is that Sunny Hill’s fifth-grade classes leave for Camp Timber-Lee on Wednesday which will also make their classrooms available for this temporary relocation,” Leonard said.

The hanging of new drywall and painting of the walls should be done by Thursday, Nov. 3. Students will be allowed back to their original classrooms by Monday, Nov. 7.

“Fortunately, the substance was not airborne so the risk of students and staff being exposed has been averted thanks to the quick work of our maintenance staff. In fact, initial air quality tests in the affected areas are good, so asbestos particles were most likely not released in the classrooms,” Leonard said.

Leonard said the situation is only temporary and should not pose any health risks to those who attend school in the building. 

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