Jul 28, 2014
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Kathleen Rickert Nelson is Featured Artist of the Year

Rickert Nelson is this year's featured artist in the Barrington Park District's Showcase of Arts and Treasures.

Kathleen Rickert Nelson is Featured Artist of the Year Kathleen Rickert Nelson is Featured Artist of the Year Kathleen Rickert Nelson is Featured Artist of the Year

Kathleen Rickert Nelson, artist, historian, speaker, and pilot, started to draw at an early age, and is known for her ability to marry the past with the present to create one-of-a-kind illustrations and fine works of art. In her work, she balances simplicity with elegance to achieve the most beautiful and gracious look for each piece of work.

Blending her unique artistry with emotion and history, each piece she creates tells a poignant story about the individuals in its past. Kathleen is passionate about capturing the spirit of an object she is creating, whether it be a 100 year-old illustration of a barn, a family heirloom or WWII military aircraft, preserving history and legacy to be passed on to future generations. Her works of fine art evoke emotion, captivate, and tells a story in a way only Kathleen could capture it.

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe after graduating from interior design school, Kathleen was captivated by the abundance of historic structures and their design, and was inspired by their beauty and elegance. She brings this spirit of inspiration, and appreciation for antiquity to all her works of art.

Kathleen’s many commissions include volunteering her pen and ink talent to draw three historic buildings, sold as limited edition prints, for the 1996 Village of Lake Zurich Centennial, and illustrated four additional views of Lake Zurich historical structures, including two views of the Lake Zurich Promenade. These fine, historic drawings are now part of the Lake Zurich Revitalization Project.

Rickert Nelson has created a special commemorative plate for the 110-year anniversary of the Jewel Tea Company. Only 112 of the 200 plates will be signed by Kathleen. As a Fundraiser, these plates are only available at the Barrington History Museum, Barrington, Ill. A replica of the very first Jewel Store will be built on the Barrington History Museum property.

She also is the artist of architectural pen and ink drawing of President Lincoln and Soldier’s Home National Monument, located in Washington, D.C. The President Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum located in Springfield, Ill. is also the recipient of proofs of three diverse views of Lincoln’s home that Kathleen proudly presented to them. In addition to her historic architectural drawings and renderings, Kathleen’s commissions include artwork of residential homes, and historic commercial use buildings.

Kathleen also recently introduced her popular hand water colored, pen and ink note card line, which includes botanicals, thank you notes, invitations, framed prints and special requests. She is author of a children’s coloring book about football, which is slated to be published 2012.

Kathleen graduated from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design, and is an award-winning artist, having placed in two student competitions while studying there. She has been recognized by The American Society of Interior Designers for her residential apartment design of Lake Point Tower, Chicago, Ill. The American Society of Interior Designers awarded her for a residential design, and has received National Restaurant Association-Commercial Restaurant Resort award for her design work.

Submitted by the Barrington Park District.

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