Jul 29, 2014
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New Barrington Business Focuses on Home Remodeling

Paul Horcher, Lisa Horcher and Chris Otto are the owners and operators of Refined Construction.

New Barrington Business Focuses on Home Remodeling New Barrington Business Focuses on Home Remodeling New Barrington Business Focuses on Home Remodeling


We often hear of new construction builders and developers, but it’s not everyday that a business devoted to home remodeling shows up on our radar.

A Barrington-area trio started Refined Construction after realizing that new home construction isn’t what it used to be. Business partner Paul Horcher took his 25 years of experience as a general contractor and helped create a business dedicated to home additions and remodeling.

“Lisa [Horcher] and I, based on having some of our own work in our personal home, and knowing families that need things sometimes, saw that even in this depressed market there is a great need for someone who will properly take care of your needs, even on the remodeling end,” Paul Horcher said.

Two years ago, Paul and Lisa Horcher, along with Chris Otto began to kick around the idea of starting the business, and officially started operating about a year and a half ago.

“I said let’s see if we can deal with some of the smaller stuff,” Paul said. “People have been embracing us quite well.”

Refined Construction isn’t just about home additions or remodels. It’s about helping people use their homes more efficiently, especially as needs change over time.

“We are finding that we’re living in our own house a different way than we did 10 years ago,” Lisa Horcher said. “There are ways to get the best use out of your house,” Paul continued.

The Horchers explained that sometimes rooms are designed in a way that isn’t appropriate for your family’s needs. Changing an entrance, remodeling a bedroom into a family area, creating handicapped access and more are all things Refined Construction can do to better your living environment.

“We really are good at helping people best use every area in their house in the way that they want to live. We listen to what people’s needs are and explore every possibility with them...we will help you think outside of the box and help you walk through the process,” Paul said.

Refined Construction prides itself on its customer service and quality of the product it delivers.

“We really bring a different level of professionalism to the remodeling industry,” Paul said. “We really honor our clients and everyone we bring on to our team…we’re not just going to go out and get the concrete guy that has the lowest price. We are bringing people that we think can treat the homeowners and the house properly and can professionally run their business.”

If a customer is unsure of where to start, that’s where Lisa comes in. She has a knack for understanding how your living space will need to adapt over time, and can give ideas and suggestions for helpful changes. Refined Construction wants to start a long-term relationship with clients, and be involved in their home remodeling needs over the span of many years.

“We have long-term clients that will stay with us because they might be doing a new mudroom on their house now, but when the kids move out they will want to redesign that space. We want to develop a relationship with clients so we can continue to work with them,” Lisa said.

Clients say the Refined Construction team can become like family while working on a home project.

“A few weeks ago Chris and I made our last visit and made our final walk through on a project that had a number of different phases. We were in that house the better part of a year. She [the homeowner] was teary eyed and said, ‘I’m really going to miss you guys,’” Paul explained.

To learn more about Refined Construction and to schedule a free consultation, visit www.refined-construction.com or call (847) 713-7011.

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