Jul 29, 2014

Teamwork Leads Hough School to Knowledge Master Open Win

Barrington's Hough Extended program students have won the competition 16 times.

Teamwork Leads Hough School to Knowledge Master Open Win

Hough Street School Extended program students won the Knowledge Master Open, Jan. 23, from among 175 schools nationwide.

Fifth-grade teacher Georgia Nelson attributes the school's perennial success--students have won the competition 16 times since 1988-- to teamwork. 

Nelson said the students work well together.

"Certainly a lot of other schools compete--magnet schools, gifted clasess. Part of our success is having a system; part of it is commitment to the system. The kids are respectful towards each other," Nelson said. 

Students cooperate to determine each other's strengths and to decide who will best answer certain questions. The questions cover all subject categories including history, geography, science, math, grammar and spelling. Check out some sample questions in the Knowledge Master Open. 

Hough students came in first by answering 98 of 100 questions correctly. The scores are based on both speed and accuracy. 

The students look forward to the competition, Nelson said. 

"Our kids have a lot of information. Contests are a way to challenge them," Nelson said. Extended program students identified as the top 1 to 2 percent academically, she said. Nelson leads the competition with third-grade teacher Maggie Gruber. 



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