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Patch Instagram photo by maureenmorley

Is Cold Weather a Good Excuse to Cancel Classes?

Your opinion: Almost unequivocally, you say schools made the right call to close up shop due to the cold.

Is Cold Weather a Good Excuse to Cancel Classes?
By  Joe Vince 

Ever since the National Weather Service forecasted that temperatures in the Chicago area could reach 15 below zero or worse early this week, administrators for school districts throughout the region have been monitoring weather reports, deciding whether or not to cancel classes because of the extreme cold.

Geneva, Batavia and. St. Charles school districts all decided to close schools Monday. As of this writing, Geneva and Batavia already have canceled school Tuesday.

In other Patch towns, the idea of canceling classes because of cold temperatures was a topic that got some heated responses from Patch readers who thought such a move mollycoddled kids and sent them the wrong message. Here's what some of them had to say on Facebook and in the comment sections (remarks are not edited and appear as they were originally posted):
  • Samantha Kracke: "Then ppl that work outside all day long shouldn't have to go to work. If kids who are in a building all day might not have to."
  • Kelly Leeson Dirks: "Let them go to school. If kids can play out when they are not in school they can certainly attended school when its cold. Is there any difference from parents dragging their kids to and from stores being in the cold? Unless the school has no heat they should be there"
  • Nick Fasano: "Wow... They're gonna have a rude awakening when they get out in the real world."
  • gajc: "No!!! Where raising our kids to be lazier and lazier. This generation is going to be calling in to work because its too cold they can't get in their car or wait for a train. Anything for the schools to get another dayoff. Unreal"
  • Scott Faletti: "I remember walking to school in colder temperatures. Keep the schools open"

Most in Geneva and Batavia, however, were in full support of keeping kids from attending Monday, when temperatures were far below zero.

Batavia Patch Facebook:

  • Aaron Hollen Very good reason.
  • Tim Bonnes Its a good reason.
  • Jenny Schmidt Enstrom Good reason...especially if kids are standing at bus stops or having to walk to school. Not every child has someone who can drive them or sit at a bus stop with them.
  • Ashley Schmidt Good reason
  • Grazia Francioli Bittner Are you kidding its dangerously cold!
  • 'Tricia Keene Wolfe Very good reason !
  • Mike Herron Great reason, I wasn't sending my daughter out in this weather regardless of what the schools said
  • Nell Thelin Novak Depends on the community. If kids are going to be left home alone - school should be open. But in Batavia, good reason.
  • Sven Kersten Moravec Good reason, kids dont need to be out in this.
  • Helen Jones good reason, Why have a child out in this-17 + chill factor
  • Keith Michael Johnson good reason
  • Jennifer Woellert it's good. I HAD to get out and I was out of the car for less than a minute and my fingers were already tingling
  • Michael Carter Good reason . This is serious cold.
  • Michael Carter They should probably consider it tomorrow as well.
  • Mandy Jones Some schools are closing tomorrow as well
  • Shari Dee Jones-Konrad It was great for Batavia to finally think of the kids! They don't cancel school like others in the area and I'm glad they made the RIGHT decision this time!
  • Julie Hallock Howard It's a good one. Some kids don't have appropriate clothing for winter let alone for temps like this!
  • Aaron Hollen I didn't go to work today. I am 10 mins away from work and I didn't want to risk it. Not worth it!!!
  • Melanie Olson Meyer Very good! I agree if it is bad tomorrow let them stay home again. Some kids walk or wait for a bus. Not good when you can get frostbite in 5 minutes.
  • Jennifer Rowe Very good reason, my daughter would not have been going even if they didn't cancel it!
  • Barbara Anderson Since my child's bus doesn't show at a consistent time or like right before break...at all. It's an intelligent move. Tomorrow am temp is -10 predicted. Can we call it or at least late start?
  • Julie Raddatz Excellent reason when frost bite happens this quickly it's-45 below here and going to get worse.
  • Jill Wagner Hall It was a very good idea and I appreciate the district making the decision on Sunday afternoon instead of waiting until this morning. I'm thinking of keeping my 3 home tomorrow since the temps aren't supposed to be that different from today!
  • Kelli Kraus Coonrod I agree it is way to cold!
  • Wesley H Schmidt Poor. Reason
  • Samuel Adam Ugh, probably the dumbest post I have ever seen! Use to like the patch!
  • Tonia Mowrer Good reason
  • Kathleen Margaret The roads are dangerous and it is too cold to wait for a bus or walk to school. Not all parents can drive their children to school. Good reason!
  • Scott R. Naylor It is ABSOLUTELY a good reason! They should be making the decision for tomorrow real soon, if they are smart. I agree with what was said above about Batavia usually not doing the intelligent thing...even when surrounding districts are doing it. They need to do what is BEST for their students, teachers, and everyone's families. I will probably keep mine home tomorrow either way, as will many other parents.
  • Scott R. Naylor And Sam, for those of us that have kids or care about the schools and people in general, this is a very valid post...it gets a nice discussion going. If you're displeased with the content of the Patch FB page maybe you should contact them direct or "unlike" the page...
  • Gregory Clark Due to hazardous busing conditions and kids not dressing appropriately (if even possible) for the weather a good idea to cancel classes.
  • Lee Ann Anderson Did u just run out of things to write about lol it's a good excuse
  • Nicole Hillyard Great they cancelled school, now explain why all practices weren't canceled?
  • Nicole Hillyard Wheaton Warrenville just announced tomorrow is closed including all activities. Now that's proactive.
  • Nichole Vosburgh Chidester The only reason I believe it's a good idea is in case of a fire drill, can't be outside...otherwise, the schools are heated just like our house!!
  • Connie Kreft Naperville just cancelled school for Tuesday. Good call!
  • Maureen Mulvey MacMullen Extreme cold is the best excuse. No one should be out in this!
  • Scott R. Naylor Batavia schools WILL BE CLOSED Tuesday as well!!
  • Stephanie Van Craenenbroeck Good reason.
  • Herb Barnard Don't need the kids at the bus stop in this weather!!!!!!!!
  • Connie 'Cobb' Sutphin YES CLOSE THE SCHOOLS to many latch key kids having to walk to school or the bus stops

Geneva Patch Facebook:

  • Paula Krapf They made the right call. This is extreme weather, people shouldn't be outside.
  • Mary Magill Craft Good excuse
  • Stacie Grimm Being at school would be fine... its just getting there thats the issue. Asking the bus drivers and teachers to all get there and hope no one breaks down is not necessary. Not every one drives a reliable car. Its the safe thing to do.
  • Marissa Kuhl I don't even have children... But know that this weather is too extreme to send any child out into.
  • Suzanne Theuns Right Rob- tomorrow morning will be just as cold and I think that it would not be unreasonable to cancel one more day. It's just too dangerous in my opinion. Waiting at bus stops, walkers some walk for quite a distance!
  • Rob Plinske It's the right thing to do. My question is what about tomorrow? I see the temperatures are going to be just as bad as today.
  • Angela Baratta Gerace Common sense reason. Keep everyone safe.
  • Jackie-Fowler Garth For sure right thing. Some kids have to rode the bus and wait at a stop....just walking from the car in the drop off line to the school is a good 60 sec to get into school. Just too cold at negative temps
  • Dawn Reczek Firek For sure a good thing. What if the bus breaks down? To cold for the kids to wait for another bus to get them
  • Kristen Norris Zimny Good reason- I wouldn't have let my kids go in this cold if the schools were open. It is just dangerous out there. My office is even closed and they are letting us work from home due to the cold.
  • Sandy Olsen Good reason. I do not want my kid or Ny kid standing in it waiting for bus
  • Maura Wood Maschinski Good reason ago via  mobile
  • Charlotte Van Dam Good reason.
  • Susie Richter Adams It's just not safe!! Good choice on canceling for tomorrow!!
  • Jenna Wright Tomorrow is cancelled also- check the dist webpage
  • Michele Wojszko Wessel No school again tomorrow!
  • Chriss Hadley Having been out there this morning...ugh... Good reason.
  • Tonia Mowrer Good reason

YOUR TURN: Do you think below-zero temperatures are a good enough reason for schools to cancel classes? Or do you think that sends the wrong message to kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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