Jul 29, 2014

Bolingbrook High School Drama Team Finishes 12th at State

"Of Mice and Men" was the first BHS team ever to make it to state.

Bolingbrook High School Drama Team Finishes 12th at State
Submitted by Valley View School District:

Bolingbrook High School’s “Of Mice and Men” finished 12th in the state at last weekend’s Illinois High School Association Drama and Group Presentation State Finals in Springfield.

Cast members for the drama included Greg Ciullo, Nick Jacobs, Brendan Furlong, Eric Page, Gabriella Gallegos and Davonte Sanders.

Crew members included Student Sound Technician De’Von Richardson and Student Lighting Director Christy Parzyszek as well as Jazmyne Tyler, Samantha Cole, Bailey Jarvis Taylor, Kayla Lottie, Dania Harris, Jen Lucchesi, Marisa Vargas and Brandi Hardwick.

The contest play is directed by Mike Zigrossi and Donna Franks-Tapley, the set was designed and constructed by Charles C. Palia Jr.

The competition includes unloading scenery, walls and props from a U-haul truck on a loading dock in 15 minutes or less; setting-up, and checking lights, sound and music in 20 minutes or less; and performing in 40 minutes or less. After the performance, the students have to use any remaining set-up time to strike the set and get it completely off the stage into a holding area.

This is the first team in BHS history to advance to the IHSA drama/group interpretation state finals.

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