23 Aug 2014
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Joliet Drug Dealer Charged With Exposing Himself to a Child

The Joliet man was put back in prison two days after the alleged January offense but the sex crime was just filed against him in Will County court this week.

Joliet Drug Dealer Charged With Exposing Himself to a Child
A Joliet drug dealer was out of prison a mere four months when he exposed himself to a child, police said.

Andres Agron-Vega, 39, of 6405 Breckenridge Drive was charged Monday with the sexual exploitation of a child.

Agron-Vegas has been in prison since Jan. 19—two days after he allegedly exposed himself to a child identified only as "Pat Doe" in a criminal complaint.

It was Agron-Vegas' second trip to the penitentiary. He was shipped off to prison on a six-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to the delivery of a controlled substance in April 2011. He was paroled in September 2013.

A second felony charge was dropped as part of Agron-Vegas' plea.

Agron-Vegas was living in Bolingbrook when he was arrested on the drug charges by the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad in January 2010.

Agron-Vegas exposed himself to the child "for the purpose of sexual arousal pr gratification," the criminal complaint said.

The warrant for Agron-Vegas' arrest carries a $10,000 bond.

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