23 Aug 2014
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Looking for New Program Host

We are pleased to announce, that our radio programming is now expanding!

Because we are opening the doors to new program host to come under the umbrella. we can help expand your talent via the media via the social media ties and radio broadcast we have established since I have been on the air for over 20 yrs I was a host of programming The numbers on social media alone are: Twitter 2300 Facebook 5400 LinkedIn 20 Million Google 1.3 million and blogtalkradio 303,000 this can help to expand your audience and the people seeking out the products and services your business offers.

Yes there is a charge for the service but again the exposure can be worth it. Now it takes time for people to realize your on the air and we will help you get connected within providing branding and also website connects to you your product and services.

We are not just radio we are media at a higher level and had on our program, the very same people who had come on CNN ABC and other networks therefore with top of the line guess this helps to bring more interest to our show and you are guest and or host.

For more information and details please call me at 630-863-9971 yes you can also have commercials on your program as well which will create revenue.

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