23 Aug 2014
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Arlington Academy Leaves Buffalo Grove

Citing mold, the beauty school closed its doors this summer. The building's owner says there's more to the story.

Arlington Academy Leaves Buffalo Grove

has closed its doors in Buffalo Grove.

The cosmetology center, which served as a training ground for aspiring beauticians and provided clients with discounts on haircuts and other services, left the Strathmore Square shopping center on Dundee Road after an official said the building sustained damage from July’s heavy rains.

“We left the Buffalo Grove location because after the rains of July 22-23 we were under 10-12 inches of standing water,” Liz Raleigh, a company official, wrote in an email to Patch.

The flooding resulted in mold, she said, and “the landlords of the mall refused to help us out.”

“We had no choice but to close, for the safety of our students and clients,” she said.

Buffalo Grove Health Officer Brian Sheehan said the village was notified of the flooding and mold on Aug. 4. The next day, a village health inspector found “a minimal amount of mold in some areas” and provided advice on how to address it, Sheehan said.

It was suggested that they use a bleach solution to clean up the mold, and replace portions of drywall. The building also needed to be aired out or dehumidified, said Sheehan, who added that the location had experienced “water issues” in the past.

During the Aug. 5 inspection, Arlington Academy officials told the health inspector that they would not be reopening for business, Sheehan said.

Pete Georgiades, owner of the Strathmore Square shopping center, said the business did not fulfill its lease. “Arlington Academy just got up in the middle of the night and left,” he said.

“There is no mold situation whatsoever,” he said. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the space. We took a mop and mopped the space ourselves.”

He said he could not elaborate on the situation with Arlington Academy for legal reasons.

“They left just for their own reasons, that’s all I can say,” he said. “We’re not to blame for it.”

Raleigh said Arlington Academy is looking for a new location, which “may take a little time.”

Meanwhile, Georgiades is working to secure new tenants for Strathmore Square, which has a few vacant store fronts. He said Dollar Tree will soon take occupancy of one of the spaces, and is expected to be open for business by February.

Tenants have not yet been secured for the Arlington Academy site or the former Super China Buffet. 

“We’re trying to do the best we can with this economy right now,” he said.

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