Jul 28, 2014

Mathias' Silence on Stone is 'Deafening'

Letter to the editor

Mathias' Silence on Stone is 'Deafening'

We were greatly disappointed to hear that Representative Sidney Mathias ducked direct questions posed at his Town Hall meeting regarding his collaboration with and support for former Trustee Lisa Stone.

Rep. Mathias not only endorsed her for Trustee, he served as Honorary Campaign Chairman. He refused to withdraw his endorsement despite her outrageous antics. He refused to support Recall, despite the revelation she was unqualified to hold office. And now, she not only says she endorses him and is affiliated with his campaign, but also that they are collaborating, working hand-in-hand to advance her legislative agenda.

Rep. Mathias has been asked repeatedly to declare where he stands. Is he in league, as she claims, with the person who holds the ignominious distinction as the only elected official in state history to be recalled from office? This is not an academic inquiry. It is a matter of his reliability, credibility and judgment. It directly calls into question his capacity to adapt to changing circumstances and his ability to make sound decisions. The continuing silence from him is deafening. And it is telling as well.

Jeff Berman, Steve Trilling, Beverly Sussman,
Mike Terson, Andy Stein, Les Ottenheimer and Janet Sirabian 

Buffalo Grove

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