Jul 28, 2014

Police Plan Underage Drinking Crackdown

Officers will be on special patrols during Buffalo Grove and Stevenson high school's Homecoming weekends.

Police Plan Underage Drinking Crackdown

Buffalo Grove police are stepping up patrols beginning this weekend in an effort to keep teens safe during Homecoming celebrations.

Additional officers will be assigned to target underage drinking parties that students might plan following ’s dance Saturday night. The effort will be repeated Oct. 15 in conjunction with ’s Homecoming dance.

“It’s focusing on the two Homecoming events because sometimes there are issues with parties after the dances,” Deputy Chief Steve Husak said.

In the past, officers have been advised to keep an eye out for Homecoming-related infractions, but this is the first time the department has planned a special enforcement. “We’re going to have a couple of officers who cater just to that,” Husak said.

In addition, a round of liquor compliance checks in Buffalo Grove will be conducted to coincide with Homecoming festivities.

Police also remind residents that the Village of Buffalo Grove expanded and strengthened its social host ordinance in 2009. The ordinance is designed to hold any adult, not just parents, accountable for events at which minors are drinking or using drugs.

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