Jul 28, 2014

Go to Cookie's for the Meal but Save Room for Cheesecake

Local Editor Dawn Aulet gets hooked on a food she might not have otherwise tried.

Go to Cookie's for the Meal but Save Room for Cheesecake Go to Cookie's for the Meal but Save Room for Cheesecake Go to Cookie's for the Meal but Save Room for Cheesecake

If someone had said to me when I was deciding whether or not to order dessert at that the cheesecake had pineapple, I may never have even tried it. And that would have been a mistake.

Calling it pineapple cheesecake doesn't cut it. Calling it homemade, pineapple cheesecake doesn't cut it. Delicious doesn't even cut it. This stuff is fantastic.

It is homemade, right there on the spot at Cookie's, where only one person has the recipe. But this dessert is so good that when my dining companion texted his wife a photo of it, she did not just look at the photo longingly, she got herself a slice. It's.that.good.

OK, now that is out the way - on to the rest of my meal. I dined at Cookie's on Thursday with , a life-long resident of Minooka. He knew how good the cheesecake is when he walked in the doors.

Truth is, he knew how good all the food is at Cookie's. He and his family come to Cookie's at least once a month. And the whole family gets in on the fun. When the restaurant took the mac and cheese bites off the menu and his 6-year-old did not want to eat there anymore, the restaurant put them back on the menu.

I dined before at , a long time ago when another resident choose it as her destination. But I went back because Hrechko was very passionate about it and many readers missed that early profile.

Last time I ordered the lobster tail. It was great. This time I ordered the seafood platter, mostly because it was what my dining companion ordered the last time and it looked delicious. It was.

The fish that came with the dish had a great texture. The scallops were large and meaty and the shrimp was good. I ordered the baked potato to go with my dinner. Hrechko ordered the double baked. I might have to do that next time.

Hrechko ordered the surf and turf, which he said was very good.

"It's been a while since I had a good steak and lobster like that," he said.

Steak and lobster in Minooka? Yes, indeed. That and many more high-quality choices await you at Cookie's. The food is great, the decor is charming and the cheesecake is unbelievable.

Oh, and the staff will learn your name, which is good because you will be back.

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