23 Aug 2014
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LITH Police Ticket 22 in Four Hours for Using Cell Phone While Driving

LITH Police Ticket 22 in Four Hours for Using Cell Phone While Driving

The following information comes from a Lake in the Hills Police Department press release. 

On Monday March 17rd the Lake in the Hills Police conducted a second “distracted driving enforcement zone” for the use of cellular telephones while operating a vehicle. 

The enforcement zone was conducted on Lakewood Road between Miller Road and Algonquin Road. In 4 hours of enforcement Lake in the Hills Police Issued 22 citations for use of all hand-held mobile phones while driving. 

“This is the second enforcement zone that the Lake in the Hills Police has conducted:” Said Sergeant Decker, supervisor of the Lake in the Hills Traffic Unit. “The Lake in the Hills Police will continue to conduct extra enforcement efforts for this new law in 2014”.

Distracted driving has become an increasingly large problem on our nation’s roadways in the last few years as cell phones have become more common in our day-to-day lives. 

In 1995, cell phone subscriptions covered only 11 percent of the United States population; in 2010, that number grew to 93 percent. 

This has led to a substantial increase in cell phone use while driving. According to the National Safety Council, 23 percent of all crashes each year involve cell phone use, resulting in 1.3 million crashes nationally. Distractions, along with alcohol and speeding, are now leading factors in fatal and serious injury crashes. 

“The new law sends a very clear and specific message. The call can wait and if it can’t then you need to use a hands free device while driving and using any cellular devices.” Said James Wales, Director of Police and Public Safety. “Our primary goal is voluntary compliance with the new law and to keep motorists and their passengers safe”

Lake in the Hills recommends that drivers do not use their cell phone while in operation of a motor vehicle. If you must use your electronic device you must use wireless hands free device or face the possibility of receiving a citation from Police Officers.

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