Jul 29, 2014

Palatine Revisits Backyard Chicken Coops

The Village of Palatine was expected consider Tuesday night granting a special use permit for a backyard chicken coop at a residence in the 500 block of Daniels Road.

Palatine Revisits Backyard Chicken Coops


The Village of Palatine had backyard chicken coops back on the table at its meeting Tuesday night. 

This issue was first brought forth in March of this year by Palatine residents Vanessa and Jason Barsanti, who live in a home on a half acre of land at 511 Daniels Road.

Vanessa Barsanti said publically that organically grown food is healthier. Other benefits she cited are natural insect control since hens eat grubs and earwigs.

The couple authored a proposed amendment to Palatine's zoning code that would allow people to "harbor, keep or raise" female chickens, and that hens be kept "within a pen, coop, building or other enclosure sufficient in size and strength to confine such animals to the owner's property."

There appeared to momentum on the possibility July 24 when the Palatine Zoning Board unanimously recommended approval. The Barsanti's also had gotten informal blessings from neighbors.

They even created a  Facebook page: "Bring Backyard Hens to Palatine".


In September 2010, Evanston approved a measure allowing residents to have two to 6 chickens. However, in February 2012  Arlington Heights voted no on allowing chicken coops.

The issue was tabled at that meeting to give the Barsanti's time to come to an agreemeent with Harrison.

The proposal was expected to be reconsidered by the village council Tuesday at Palatine Village Hall, 200 E. Wood Street. 

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