In this day and age it seems hard to find anything real and genuine anymore.  If you have young children, there is a very special place you can take advantage of in Crystal Lake. 

My wife and I wanted to share it because we have not found another place like it. Our two boys go to  Children's Gate Montessori School on Walkup Road.  They offer preschool through kindergarten classes.
We were originally looking for a preschool that could support our oldest son's natural curiosity and long attention span.  What we found was that and a whole lot more.  The teachers truly do what they do for their love of teaching the children, and making the kids part of a community.  The environment there is very special.  The children learn not only from the teachers, but from the older kids who have been part of the community for a couple of years already. It is really something to see.

Several of the teachers have been with the school for over 20 years.  They practice the true Montessori method with good old fashioned family values, and believe in what they do.  This is not a daycare with the Montessori name slapped on it.  In our original research we visited several schools that said they were Montessori schools, but just bought the materials and seemed to let the kids go crazy.  We were looking for more.

In this time of constant running from place to place and trying to do too much with too little time, this school reminds our family of the the things that matter the most.  Sometimes, despite all the advancements society has made, the old fashioned ways are best. There are so many childcare places calling themselves "schools" or "academies" these days.  It seems many are just using the words for marketing purposes.  That is why when I think of this school the word genuine always comes to mind.  
Visit and see for yourself.

I'd be happy to answer any questions about our experience too.

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