23 Aug 2014
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Armed Robbery Suspects Charged With Kidnapping

Judge sets bond at $350,000.

Armed Robbery Suspects Charged With Kidnapping Armed Robbery Suspects Charged With Kidnapping Armed Robbery Suspects Charged With Kidnapping

Two men who held customers and employees of a Deerfield store at gunpoint Monday night and a third person waiting in a car were charged with six counts each of kidnapping and armed robbery today, according to a release from the Deerfield Police Department.

Lavell D. Hughes, 41, of Hazel Crest; Tony Johnson, 20, of Harvey and Andre Wadlington-Anthony, 28, of Harvey were each charged by the Cook County State’s Attorney with six counts of Armed Robbery and Kidnapping today.

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All charges are Class X Felonies which carry a prison sentence of six to 30 years. Probation is not allowed for a Class X felony.

In a bond hearing today, Cook County Criminal Court Judge Marcia Orr set bail at $350,000 for each man, according to the release. They next appear in court April 30.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department cannot yet determine if the defendants were able to pay the cash portion of the bond, according to spokesperson Sophia Ansari. She said electronic monitoring would be required if they do make bail.

Two of the offenders entered the store and one was armed with a handgun Monday, according to an April 9 news release from the Deerfield Police Department. The two subjects ordered the customers and employees into a back office and began removing a large amount of the store’s merchandise before running to a vehicle driven by a third offender.

Officers responding to a 911 call made from the business followed the offenders north on Interstate 94 toward Half Day Road where the offending vehicle struck a median as it tried to exit Highway 22 and go east, according to the release.

The offenders then fled on foot and were ultimately caught after a search of the area by local police agencies, according to the release. No injuries were reported during the robbery or search.

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