Jul 30, 2014

Cold Extends District 109 School Year

Similar action not necessary for Deerfield High School

Cold Extends District 109 School Year

The extreme cold last week has extended the school year by a day for Deerfield Public Schools District 109 while Deerfield High School did not have to adjust its calendar.

District 109 built one day into its calendar for closures. That happened because of sub zero temperatures Jan. 6 and 7, according to Communications Director Cathy Kedjidjian. Since winter break was extended two days instead of one, the term will end June 5 for kindergarten and preschool students and June 6 for everyone else.

Deerfield High School built 178 days into its calendar while 176 are required, according to Township High School District 113 Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Communication Sue Hebson.

School was also cancelled for the Deerfield High School Jan. 6 and 7 for no calendar adjustment is necessary, according to Hebson.

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