Jul 30, 2014

DHS Ranks No. 1 in Suburbs

Latest Illinois School report card gives Deerfield High School top marks.

DHS Ranks No. 1 in Suburbs

Deerfield High School has been ranked as the fifth best secondary institution in Chicagoland and the top suburban high school edging out sixth place New Trier, according to a list compiled by the Chicago Tribune. Highland Park was 24th. The top five were specialty Chicago public high schools.

The rankings were just part of the information released on all schools statewide with the Illinois School Report Cards published Wednesday.

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Despite the top flight performance of the high school, not one elementary or middle school in Deerfield Public School District 109 made the top 50, according to the Tribune Report. The top area school was Winnetka’s Greeley checking at No. 14. No Highland Park school made the list.

Deerfield exceeds statewide standards in a number of categories with an average classroom size of 16.9 students with the average institution in Illinois at 19.2, according to the report card.

Nearly all teachers have at least a master’s degree (93.2 percent for Township High School District 113) while the state average is 61.7 percent, according to the report card. The average teacher salary for the District is $108,404 while the mean for all Illinois teachers is $66,614.

The report card also indicated the average ACT score for Deerfield High School students is 26.9 while the District mean is 26.5 putting Deerfield slightly ahead of Highland Park.

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