21 Aug 2014
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Dold, Schneider Disagree With Walker

Congressman and his opponent see importance of collective bargaining and equal pay in the workplace.

Dold, Schneider Disagree With Walker Dold, Schneider Disagree With Walker

and his Democratic challenger, , found more areas of agreement than grounds for difference in the policies of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who spoke in Lincolnshire Friday.

Walker’s legislation paring back collective bargaining rights last year brought more than 200 union protesters to greet the governor, who spoke to over 600 cheering members of the Lake County Republican Federation celebrating their organization’s 50th anniversary Friday.

Last year Walker pushed legislation through the Wisconsin legislature eliminating most collective bargaining rights for public sector workers and this year signed a bill repealing the state’s equal pay act.

When it comes to collective bargaining and equal pay for equal work between men and women, Schneider and Dold are closer to each other than either one is to Walker.

“It is important for unions to be able to collectively bargain for their members,” Dold said. “The referendum (on Walker’s policies) will likely be resolved by the people of Wisconsin,” he added referring to the pending June 5 recall election facing Walker. “It will be decided shortly.”

Schneider’s thoughts were not much different. “I’m disappointed and disturbed that Gov. Walker has attacked collective bargaining rights which ensure that workers like teachers can negotiate for middle-class wages, healthcare benefits, and retirement security," he said.

When it comes to equal pay for equal work, Dold and Schneider were even more emphatic in their belief that everyone should be paid on merit regardless of gender.

“Governor Walker’s decision to repeal Wisconsin’s Fair Pay Act, not only eliminates important protections for women in the workplace, but it hurts our path to economic recovery,” Schneider said.

“Lack of pay equity hurts all of us (women, men and children) in the workplace and in our communities,” Schneider added. “It’s simply out of touch with the values and interests of everyday people.”

Dold was much more personal in his response to the question of both men and women being treated fairly in the workplace.

“I have two daughters, a wife and three sisters,” Dold said. “Equal pay should be something everyone can depend on who works.”

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