22 Aug 2014
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Readers Vote On The Cold: "Hate it; hate it; hate it."

Reader reactions to the recent bitter cold temperatures ranged from pure hate to a few hearty souls who love it.

Readers Vote On The Cold: "Hate it; hate it; hate it."
The haters win.

When asked whether people loved or hated the recent stretch of bitterly cold weather, most people said they hated it. Except for Patch readers in Skokie who appear to be a very cheerful bunch, no matter what the temperature.

Readers from Lincoln Square in Chicago to Oak Park, from Evanston to Niles, took our unscientific Freezing Cold Poll. Here are some of their responses:

  • Carrie Perll Von Hoff I don't mind the normal cold, but this is extreme. I'm wearing a hooded sweatshirt to sleep because my poor heater can't keep up! Looking forward to Wednesday's warmup!
Lincoln Square:
  • Pamela Skurzewski Osorno Living in Skokie now, happily migrating from the northside of the city, this stay at home mom doesn't mind being cooped up for days. At least I'm not in the city and quite happy here in Skokie.
  • David Knight Normal winters are fine with NO polar vortex. 
  • Jane Froman I love winter and cold weather but this is a little extreme! Besides having to go to work, I am unmotivated to leave the house cause it takes forever to get all the layers on you need to stay warm!
  • Karen Beth Pearlman This Skokie native is sending love and warm wishes from San Diego.
  • Beth Schuster Knight I prefer temperatures to be on the "positive" side of zero. At this point I'd be happy with +1.
  • Theresa Hazard In theory we probably have just as many extreme cold days as we have extreme hot/humid days. Born and raised here...it is in my blood. I am saving time and money on laundry right now - we are all staying in pajamas.
  • Rose Doyiakos Ok, the polar vortex is unusual, but I am from Skokie, the cold, freezing,hot and humid. Would not live anywhere else. Love my town, love this weather, it's all relative. Neighbors are great, schools are awesome. Bring in Chiberia, we can handle it.
Hinsdale-Claredon Hills:
    • Randi Laster Hofmann No if you are over 30 something and I am way over that CAN NOT HANDLE this caccaca any longer. Moving to Boulder Colorado in 2015 or faster if possible. Weather there is rarely like this and snow even if 5 ft goes away the next day because the sun shines all the time. Done with this crap.
    • Emily Therese Stayin' inside as much as possible!
    • Linda Dirks Twomey I'm actually reluctant to be outdoors in such low temperatures and wind chill values. The thought of any exposed skin being frostbitten in a matter if minutes makes it beyond bold to rely on any form of transportation too heavily. The fragility of life comes to mind. I prefer warmer and safer temperatures.
    • Ellen Jiskra Huber Ahhh 5 degrees is a heat wave after living in far northern Wisconsin. Last night the temps up north were -55 with the wind chill, the high temp was -18 for the day. It's not uncommon to have a two week stretch of -40 weather. 
    • Carol Johnson Seith I grew up here and still HATE Winter! My dad now lives in northern Wisconsin, where it has been mostly below zero since the beginning of December. You'd have to pay me a hefty sum to live in that environment.
    North Center-Roscoe Village:
    • Beverly Sobkowski I like snow for the holidays but now I'm ready for 70 degrees. I'm not a huge fan of winter but this wind chill is ridiculous.
    Oak Park - River Forest:
    • Stacey Belmont Hate it. But not because of the temperature, because I've been cooped up with two stir-crazy half-pints for the past 4 days! And preschool is cancelled again tomorrow! I love my kids, but...
    • Stacey Belmont Thank Buddha I am not a stay at home mom. I go back tomorrow! Seeya kids! Work never looked so wonderful!
    • Patti Atchison Snow days are fun for awhile, like an unexepected vacation. But too many in a row is more like a punishment. It isn't the severity of the weather that hurts it is the longevity. Too much of any extreme is painful. Ask that same question after a few days of 100+ weather.
    • Cathy Roberts Cold is one thing. Artic weather colder than the South Pole is another. That's too cold. At least this weather comes and goes.
    • Denise McAleer I hate it. The first person who complains about it being "too hot" this summer will be shown a screen shot of yesterday temps! Give me the heat ANY day over this. I love the summer.
    • Megan Spillman Walsh Worst winter so far in the 12 years I've lived here. Stuck inside for days, husband has been sick for days. The dog doesn't want to go outside to take care of his business. Give me extreme heat over this.
    • Rese Elarmo It is super cold enough to impair our daily routines.
    Niles-Morton Grove:
    • Janice Cha We're hibernating. This weather is brutal.

    What do you think? Vote in the comments section below.

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