23 Aug 2014
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Rev. Baldacci of North Suburban Takes Five With Patch

Rev. Craig Baldacci is one of the newer religious leaders in Deerfield. He was good enough to take the time to answer five questions about the church, the community and its people.

Rev. Baldacci of North Suburban Takes Five With Patch

The has served people in Deerfield for more than 50 years and Rev. Craig Baldacci is spiritual leader. Rev. Baldacci recently took the time to answer five questions for Patch. 

What do you like most about living and/or working in Deerfield? I am enjoying the people I have met so far. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. My wife and I are beginning to discover the great food at local restaurants. I appreciate the close proximity to the expressway and toll roads which offer us quick access to the greater Chicagoland area. Of course, driving those roads in “construction season” has its challenges. But it is still appreciated. 

What do you find most fascinating about the people in Deerfield? So far, we have met wonderful people of diverse backgrounds. My wife and I appreciate such diversity because it makes for interesting friendships, stimulating conversation, and a wonderful opportunity for our own personal growth. 

What has been your most uplifting experience in your current position? I was moved to see just how much the people at North Suburban Church really appreciate and care about the local Jewish community. I find this to be very unusual, although it shouldn’t be. 

Why is Deerfield a good community for North Suburban Church? I feel I would be more qualified to speak about why North Suburban Church is good for Deerfield. North Suburban Church is a COMMUNITY CHURCH that has a servant’s heart. In an effort to find new ways to connect with the community, “North Sub” will be partnering with the Deerfield Fire Department on Wednesday to provide and lead games for burn victims and their families at the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance "Burn Camp.” In July, “North Sub” will also be part of “Deerfield Days” and is currently looking for other ways to connect with and serve the community. 

What brought you to your current position in Deerfield and how long have you been there? After serving 31 years in my previous pastorate, I felt God leading me to a new pastorate. In an act of blind obedience, my wife and I took a leap of faith. Without any certainty of new position, we left our church. It was a short and exciting adventure that led us to North Suburban Church. We are thrilled to be here and believe that God will use us to love and encourage others to know just how deeply they are loved by God in Jesus! 

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