23 Aug 2014
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Road Work Blamed for Woodfire Closing

Landlord describes owner’s frustrations.

Road Work Blamed for Woodfire Closing

was a contributing factor to the closing of , according to Charles Ifergan, the property’s landlord.

According to Ifergan, Woodfire partner Andelo Cardaras saw business slipping at the restaurant specializing in barbequing chicken and ribs over a wood fire. The decline was exasperated by last summer’s construction.

Ifergan was sympathetic to Cardaras’s plight but would only go so far to help the Deerfield institution survive.

“He said the Lake Cook Road construction was hurting his business,” Ifergan said. “He asked for lease concessions that were just unreasonable.”

Most construction on Lake Cook Road was because of how it damaged local businesses.

Though a sign on the door reads, “Closed for remodeling, reopening soon,” the business is no longer in operation, according to Deerfield Code Enforcement Supervisor Clint Case. The closing was further confirmed by Ifergan.

Case received a call from the Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District fire marshal Thursday informing him equipment was being disconnected from the building. The removal triggered an automatic signal to the fire department.

“I said I would go down there and check it out,” Case said. “When I got there they were removing the equipment.”

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