Jul 30, 2014

Scary Plans DHS Diving Future

Deerfield High School sophomore diver started thinking about the future right after fourth place finish at State Meet.

Scary Plans DHS Diving Future

Minutes after the fourth-place medal was placed around his neck for his diving efforts at the State Meet Saturday in Winnetka, Deerfield High School’s Sean Scary was already pondering next year.

. Being part of a line of Deerfield state champion is a hope he holds.

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That tradition includes Olympian Christine Loukas who won four straight state titles from 2001 through 2004 and .

This week Scary will return to his offseason routine. That means working with the Windy City Diving Club to continue to build his skills for the next eight months before the Warriors begin their next season. He will get plenty of competition and support at Windy City.

“There are a whole lot of us here,” Scary said in the locker room immediately after winning his medal as he waved at a number of club teammates. “Windy City had 10 guys here. Five made the finals.”

A year ago, Scary qualified for the State Meet but did not make Saturday’s finals. This year he not only got to the last day but was fourth best among Illinois’s divers. Part of what helped him get better was adding more challenging dives and perfecting them.

“Since last year I’ve been doing a lot of new dives,” Scary said Wednesday during practice for the State Meet. “If I do all of them well it will all count toward a medal. I’ve been working really hard and have them down pat now.” He was right.

Now that he is entering the high school off season, Scary will be doing more of the same. Once he returns to Windy City his coach will be helping him perfect what he does and add more dazzle to his repertoire.

“My coach will tell me ‘I’ve got a radical idea for a dive. Try this,’” Scary said. “I’ll try it out, get my rhythm and keep working on it.” Those dives will add difficulty to the routine increasing the potential score. “By the time I get it down I’ll be getting six and a halves and sevens.”

Scary also did a little perfecting of his own before his last dive Saturday. He came out of the preliminary round in third place with 318.1 points but fell to fifth after his first two efforts in the finals. His last dive earned him fourth. “Finishing the way I did was amazing. I concentrated and it worked out,” he said.

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