Jul 26, 2014
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Village Reacts to Rosebud Sign

Trustee William Seiden and Patch readers voice concern.

Village Reacts to Rosebud Sign

When Patch readers, little did they know was already on top of the issue.

There is currently 4 x 8 foot sign in front of advertising the restaurants catering and party trays which has become unpopular with a number of residents.

“Tacky,” was the way one reader put it when commenting to an article last week. “Was that approved by the board? On one hand we want to avoid that signage and (on) the other we want to help retail. That sign however is inappropriate.”

The sign is within Deerfield’s law, but a few days before that comment, Seiden voiced his objections at the April 2 Village Board meeting.

“I was a little bit disappointed to see the big sign in front of Rosebud,” Seiden said.  “If we have an ordinance that says this is for a temporary sign does this fit into that category? If they are advertising something on their menu I don’t think it is covered by this.”

It did not take long for Code Enforcement Supervisor Clint Case to clarify the situation. He explained a business can apply for a 32-square-foot temporary sign four times a year for 30 days separated by 30-day periods. He has heard the concerns of Seiden and Patch’s readers.

“If someone comes to me with an application for a 32-square-foot sign like that again I will issue a permit for a sign that is X,” Case said. “X will be determined by what the applicant is trying to do.” It will likely be smaller, according to Case.

Rosebud has the right to keep its current temporary sign in front of the building until April 19.

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