Jul 28, 2014

Des Plaines Shooting Range Expansion on Target

Long-time business green-lighted to expand.

Des Plaines Shooting Range Expansion on Target

A gun shop and shooting range operated by the same owners in Des Plaines since 1984 was granted a conditional use permit to relocate to a larger facility in an industrial area at a city council meeting on Monday. will move from its current location at 1226 Rand Road to 75 Bradrock Drive.

Maxon’s was burglarized in January, when approximately 200 firearms were removed from the business in what police described as a smash-and-grab. Guns were also stolen from Maxon’s in 2008, the Daily Herald reported.

The permit is contingent on the police chief approving the business’ security plan, among other requirements. Acting Police Chief Mike Kozak told council members they met with the owners after the burglary this year, and came to an agreement on additional security measures, which have been instituted at the current location.

“Extensive arms were taken in the burglary, and you can’t completely secure a building, but at least you can secure it enough where it takes time for offenders that are trying to get in, to fortify it a little better,” Kozak said.

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Fifth Ward Alderman James Brookman asked if a fence was considered as part of the security plan.

Kozak said their biggest concern was response time.

“Our response time before, they were going through an alarm company, and we reduced our response time by going direct to our 9-1-1 system,” Kozak said.


Barry and Claudia Levin own Maxon’s. Barry said he would not discuss details of the new system.

“But it’s state-of-the-art,” Levin said.

Levin said all the doors are gated, and they purchased special glass cases to secure firearms.

“That’s all I can really explain to you, but it’s going to take a wizard to get in there,” Levin said.

Maxon’s will be relocating from a 4,000 square-foot facility with 10, 50-foot shooting positions, and a parking lot with 18 spaces, to a building approximately 15,000 square feet. Plans include 19, 75-foot shooting positions, two classrooms and a parking lot with 59 spaces.

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