Jul 30, 2014
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New Des Plaines Acting Mayor May Be Appointed Monday

The city council meeting will begin an hour earlier than usual on Feb. 4 for aldermen to discuss selection of an acting mayor, according to the agenda.

New Des Plaines Acting Mayor May Be Appointed Monday

Des Plaines residents may wake up with a new mayor on Tuesday. Des Plaines City Council is scheduled to discuss selection of an acting mayor at its meeting Monday night.

Former Des Plaines Mayor Marty Moylan resigned Dec. 31 ahead of his first term as state representative. Eighth Ward Alderman Michael Charewicz has served as acting mayor since being appointed on Jan. 7.

The motion to appoint an acting mayor must take place during an open, public meeting, Charewicz said, and there are two possible outcomes. Aldermen could make a motion to appoint another alderman to acting mayor, Charewicz said, or, if no motion is made, he would continue as acting mayor.

When asked if he would prefer another alderman serve as acting mayor, or if he would like to continue filling the position, Charewicz said that decision would be left to city council.

“I would be honored to serve,” Charewicz said.

Charewicz said the primary function of the acting mayor was to run meetings. During his time as acting mayor, Charewicz oversaw two petition objections as chairman of the three-member Des Plaines Electoral Board. Charewicz said the acting mayor was also responsible for signing a variety of official documents, including items voted on by city council.

Des Plaines City Council members disagreed about how to best-handle filling the vacancy left by Moylan for mayor of Des Plaines, a part-time position, at a previous city council meeting on Jan. 22.

The city council meeting at city hall, 1420 Miner St., begins an hour earlier than usual, at 6 p.m., on Feb. 4, for members to discuss the selection of an acting mayor. Visit the City of Des Plaines website to see the meeting agenda and packet.

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