Jul 28, 2014

Illinois Takes Step Toward Gay Marriage

Legislators in support of same-sex marriage have a long way to go, but the ball is rolling.

Illinois Takes Step Toward Gay Marriage

A same-sex marriage bill may be voted on in the Illinois Senate as early as Valentine’s Day, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Sen. Heather Seans, D-Chicago, sponsored the bill in last month’s lame duck session, but it took until Tuesday for it to advance past committee action in a 9-5 vote, according to the report.

The bill will now go to floor process where the entire Senate will consider its passage. Should it make it through the Senate readings, it will go before the House, where the process will be repeated. If it passes the House—a big "if," according to the Tribune—it then goes up for consideration by Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn recently told the Tribune he completely supports same-sex marriage.

For more, read the Chicago Tribune report.

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