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POLICE BLOTTER: Drinking and Smoking at the Train Station

Downers Grove police reports, June 6-June 13.

POLICE BLOTTER: Drinking and Smoking at the Train Station


‘Holding the Contents’

Downers Grove Police charged a Wheaton man with drinking in public after he was observed pouring beer into a coffee mug at the Main Street Train Station, reports said.

Around 4:24 p.m. June 13, the officer saw a man familiar to him, identified as Henry Nmi Papushak Jr., 32, dumping the contents of a 12-oz. can of Miller High Life into a silver a coffee mug and then toss the can into the trash.

The officer said he opened the top of the mug and observed what smelled and appeared to be beer.

Papushak told the officer he was merely preserving and holding the contents for another unnamed homeless individual, police said.

He was arrested and charged with public drinking. Papushak was released on an I-bond with a court date to be assigned by U.S. mail, reports said.


‘One Toke Over the Line’

An Addison man told police that the marijuana he was smoking at the train station was for medical purposes, reports said.

Downers Grove Police received a call about a man known only as “Raul” allegedly drinking and smoking at the Main Street Depot at 1000 Burlington Ave. around 3:42 p.m. June 6.

When police arrived at the train station, they spotted the man, identified at Raul Torres, 55, sitting on a bench at the depot.

Police asked for his name and advised Torres they had received a complaint about him. Spotting an open can of Steel Reserve beer, officers asked Torres if it belonged to him, reports said.

Torres said the beer was not his but he was “drinking it.” He then attempted to stand up and as he did so, a metal pipe with a marijuana leaf on it fell out of his shorts pocket, police said.

According to the report, Torres told police he smoked marijuana for medical purposes. Asked if had a prescription, Torres responded that he did not.

As he was being placed under arrest, officers noticed a bulge in Torres’ sock and found a large plastic bag filled with what later tested positively for cannabis.

Torres was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of cannabis.

He was released with a court date on July 16.

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