Jul 27, 2014
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Support a reversal of signage- Illinois SB2669

Please support a change to Illinois' new concealed carry law. Lockdown drills, lockdowns, and now pictures of guns are at the entrances of my children's school, government buildings, libraries, bars, etc. I'm asking for a change:  support a reversal of signage- Illinois SB2669 that says that property owners who want to allow concealed carry in their businesses can post a sign instead.  This would save our schools and other prohibited places in the law from posting signs.

This isn't a world I envisioned for my children.  Responsible gun owners know that they can't carry guns in schools. 
Please contact Representative Sandack and Senator Radogno and ask them to support SB2669 to change the law so that only places that allow guns have to post signs.

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