Jul 26, 2014

European Deli in Good Earth Building Gets Committee Approval for Liquor License—with Condition

Committee members question child-centered business as second tenant.

European Deli in Good Earth Building Gets Committee Approval for Liquor License—with Condition

Following assurances from the developer that a kid-oriented play spot wasn't necessarily moving in next to a deli that served beer and wine, the city's Public Affairs and Safety Committee Monday recommended approving a liquor license for Edelweiss Market at York and Vallette streets.

Edelweiss, operating in the former Good Earth Market space, would sell fresh-cut meats and cheeses, prepared foods, wine and beer, and flowers. Owners Regan and Tom Cronin want to use the existing greenhouse as a beer garden where customers could enjoy their sandwiches with a beer or glass of wine.

“This is not a place to get a shot and a beer,” Tom Cronin said.

The Cronins also plan to divide the building to allow for a second tenant; plans submitted to the city referred to the space as a “Children's Center.” Aldermen at first told the Cronins the plans presented would not get their approval.

Tom Cronin told the committee that the version of the plan they had was worked up for a potential tenant, but that business has not signed a lease. The Children's Center is like a Gymboree, Cronin said, not a daycare or preschool.

However, Cronin pointed out that nothing in the city's code would prevent a business like the Children's Center from moving in next to a store that sold beer and wine. This was confirmed by city attorney Don Storino.

Other potential tenants were also interested in the space, Cronin said. Third Ward Aldermen Michael Bram urged Cronin to consider those other tenants.

“I would be vastly relieved to see a different business move in next door,” he said.

As a condition of approval, Cronin will provide the city with detailed plans on how the two sides of the building would be separated and locked off.

The Cronins said they hoped to open Edelweiss by May. The license approval now goes to the full City Council.

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