23 Aug 2014
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Hi Ho Silver! Elmhurst Serial Spray-Painter Strikes Again

Can anybody stop this guy?

Hi Ho Silver! Elmhurst Serial Spray-Painter Strikes Again
The Elmhurst silver spray-painter has struck again, and the police—who haven't been able to catch him—are still keeping whatever word he's been writing secret.

This time, police discovered the vandalism on Willow Road.

"While on patrol (an officer) observed a City of Elmhurst electrical box at 225 Willow with (redacted) spray-painted in silver spray paint," police said.

"The same type markings have been found in several other areas near this address," police said. "Neighborhood interviews were conducted, with negative response."

Yesterday, the police reported that  an "unknown person spray-painted the letters (redacted) in silver spray-paint on the 'Cross Traffic Does Not Stop' sign located on the corner of Willow and Columbia."

Somebody must have caught a glimpse of the graffiti mystery man that time, as the police said he was driving a red Dodge Durango.

Previously, the Elmhurst police reported  silver words were spray-painted  on a fence near the corner of Columbia Avenue and Willow Road and a pedestrian underpass at North and Emroy avenues.

Elmhurst Deputy Police Chief Dominic Panico wants to keep the silver words under wraps, according to an email sent from the department.

"Per Deputy Chief Panico, the details in grafitti incidents will not be released," the email said.

Patch has requested the police department provide the reports detailing the incidents of vandalism.

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