Jul 27, 2014
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What Are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Share your gratitude with your friends and neighbors on this day of thanks.

What Are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving. A holiday steeped in American tradition. A day not only to test the limits of what should and should not be deep fried in a vat of boiling oil, but to also give thanks.

At Patch, we’re most thankful for our readers and the communities we serve. Without you there would be no Patch. 

We asked our Facebook friends last week what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving, and here the responses:

  • Sue Trudeau: I am most thankful for life.
  • Anna Spaanem Wick: I am thankful for Jesus, my family, my friends and the country I live in :)
  • Laura Goddard Amann: I'm most thankful for my kids and family, or course. But I'll also add that I'm so thankful that I live in Elmhurst. It's such a great blend of people and resources. I love my neighbors and neighborhood and the fact that we come together when things get tough or when we need to celebrate. I'm grateful for our schools, our shops, our library, our restaurants. I'm so grateful that when we spun the wheel on where to live, it landed here!
  • Andy Mazur: My family
  • Lynn Martinelli Calderone: I am so thankful that of all the places in this world that I could have been born, I was born in The United States of America. I thank God for it every day.
  • Kim Levin Varzino: my morning coffee!! And a whole lotta other things too! :)
  • Stephanie Lazarikos: Even though my mother died when my oldest was one, she lives on in all three of my daughters. I have shared many stories of my mom with them, and have written some down for when they get older. I am thankful that my mom's kindess was passed down to us.
  • Teresa Campos-Nourse: For the opportunities my children have growing up in Elmhurst.

We want to know what you're most thankful for this Thanksgiving, so please leave your thoughts of gratitude in the comments section below.


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