23 Aug 2014
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2 Evanston Men Arrested After $1.35M Heroin Bust

Police say the men had nearly $200,000 on them after a meeting with a man who was later found with 9 kg of heroin.

2 Evanston Men Arrested After $1.35M Heroin Bust

Two Evanston men were arrested in Aurora after police say they left a meeting with $190,000 in cash, according to an article in the Evanston Review. The man they had just met with had nine kilograms of heroin, worth $1.35 million, in his home, police said.

According to the article, Juan C. Fernandez, 39, and Reyna Garcia-Manzanares, 41, both of Evanston, met with Modesto Alarcon, of Aurora, Tuesday. The Evanston men left in separate vehicles, police said, and when officers pulled them over they had a combined $190,000 in cash on them. The drugs, as well as $85,000 in cash, a handgun and ammunition were found at Alarcon’s home.

The Evanston men were charged with one count each of money laundering and Alarcon was charged with several drug charges.

You can read the full Evanston Review story here.

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