Jul 29, 2014
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Bryan Bowers Folk Concert

All we really need to tell you is that Bryan Bowers is coming. You'd figure out the rest on your own, even if it meant calling every person you know who has ever seen Bryan perform.

The day after he first heard an autoharp played well and in tune, Bryan bought one. Only one year later, he was already redefining the autoharp as a folk and performance instrument and on his way to becoming a living legend in the musical idiom he loves so dearly.

Bryan has mastered a 5-finger picking technique that makes the autoharp multidimensional. He takes this quaint instrument and his own strident voice ... forges them with his charismatic personality ... and creates a distinctive sound that compliments both his traditional and original material.

Widely regarded as the leading virtuoso on the autoharp, Bryan can be as tightly wound as the strings on his harp ... or as mellow as a Cubs fan. He is spontaneous, energetic, witty, and charmingly uncomfortable in his unchallenged position as the best at what he does.

It's been said of Bryan that he "generates more music from an autoharp than you can imagine from a 12-string guitar and harpsichord combined." The best part is that we don't have to find him a harpsichord. 

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