Jul 29, 2014
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Evanston Police Offering No Firearm Signs to Businesses

Business owners who don't want firearms on their property can pick up the limited number of signs at the police department.

Evanston Police Offering No Firearm Signs to Businesses
The following is from the Evanston Police Department:

In 2014, the new Illinois Concealed Carry Law went into effect allowing individuals who possess a valid Concealed Carry License issued by the Illinois State Police to carry a concealed handgun in non-prohibited locations.

Locations that are not prohibited by the new law can become prohibited if a designated sign is posted conspicuously at the entrance to a location by a private property owner or by a person controlling the property, as long as the building or property is not a private residence.

The sign shown in this media release [see above] is the approved designated sign by the Illinois State Police and must be 4 inches X 6 inches in size.

The Evanston Police Department currently has a limited number of the approved signs that are available to Evanston businesses at the police service desk. Business members may come to the police service desk located at the Evanston Police Department 1454 Elmwood Ave. and receive a sign free of charge after providing the business address where the sign will be posted.  Questions regarding the Illinois concealed carry law can be directed to the media relations office of the Evanston Police Department at(847)866-5026.

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