Jul 28, 2014

Evanston Website Wins Award for Transparency

The city was one of 214 governments to receive a 'Sunny Award.'

Evanston Website Wins Award for Transparency

The has received an A+ from an open government advocacy group for its website, earning it a 2012 “Sunny Award.”

The Sunshine Review is a nonprofit organization that encourages government transparency. Its annual Sunny Awards look at state, county, city and school district websites and evaluate their transparency.

Evanston was one of 214 government entities to win the award out of the more than 6,000 websites reviewed, according to the Sunshine Review.

The organization noted the availability of lobbying information, current and past budgets, and information on zoning and planning, as well as contact info for city officials in awarding Evanston its A+.

The awards coincide with Sunshine Week this week, which is recognized by news organizations across the country to celebrate the efforts taken to increase government transparency.

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