23 Aug 2014
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Great Crowdfunding Sites to Help Make an Idea Into a Business

Great Crowdfunding Sites to Help Make an Idea Into a Business
Raising enough capital to get a business or an idea off the ground can be a difficult prospect for many entrepreneurs. 

But the rise in popularity of crowdfunded sites—in which online users can donate to a product or idea they support—opens the door for many new ways to get projects funded. 

Small Business Trends put together a great list of 30 crowdfunding sites and what their specialties are. Here's a few highlights:

KickstarterThis is probably the best known crowdfunding site. Users are offered incentives based on how much they donate, but the idea only gets funding if it meets its goal. 

LendingClubThis is a place businesses can turn to when they can't get loans elsewhere. 

Apps FunderHave a great idea for a mobile app? You can pitch your idea to Apps Funder, which charges 8 percent commission for completed campaigns. 

UnboundAuthors without a book deal can come to Unbound for help funding their projects. People who fund the book can get a copy upon publication. 

Read about these sites and see all 30 great crowdfunding sites listed on SmallBizTrends.com

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