23 Aug 2014
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How Do You Feel About The Big Box Chains?

Target, Home Depot, Best Buy and all the rest...

How Do You Feel About The Big Box Chains? How Do You Feel About The Big Box Chains?

I'm just curious.

How do you feel about the big box chains in Evanston?

Personally, I curl my lip when I pass them on the street. And yet, when I'm in the market for something like, oh, I don't know...

...a television or

...a reasonably priced 12-pack of toilet paper or

...a thumb drive for my computer or

...paper yard bags or

...a combo platter of a furnace filter and a pair of socks and a bottle of cheap (but great smelling) shampoo and some fabric softener sheets and a 25th wedding anniversary card and a pair of soccer cleats...

...that's when I'm relieved we have choices available.

I think about all the newly arrived Northwestern students tending to their dorm rooms and apartments.

"Woops...I thought the other girl was bringing a toaster oven."

"Guess we need a printer with wi-fi."

"What? The bathroom window has no curtains?"

Whenever I head toward Big Box Alley (a.k.a. the space between Oakton and Howard between Asbury and McCormick), I brace myself for the inevitable over-spend, which contributes to my love-hate relationship with all the stores:

"I went into Home Depot for a rake and came out with a 24-pack of AA batteries, a magazine showing me how to reorganize my small kitchen and the best damn hot dog my thighs didn't ask for. God I hate this place..."


"All I needed was a package of litter for the rabbit's cage, but now I'm holding a new collar, a customized name tag, and a chew toy for the dog."


"An Epson 41EE7 printer cartridge was the only thing I needed from OfficeMax, so why am I also putting a white eraseboard and a retriever-themed mouse pad in my trunk?"

Target emphasizes how it gives back to the community...just check out the contributions it claims to make to local schools in the attached photo.

Do we all feel "taken" by the big box companies, or should we thank them for keeping our town afloat?

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