Jul 28, 2014
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How Do You Find Age-Appropriate Clothes for Girls?

Fashions for the elementary school set are becoming more and more adult. Do you have trouble finding clothes for your little girls?

How Do You Find Age-Appropriate Clothes for Girls?

Does it make you cringe when you see 13- or 14-year-olds wearing booty shorts and T-shirts that say things like “future trophy wife”? How about the fact that the same attire is now marketed toward girls half their age?

It’s becoming harder for parents of young girls, not to mention teenagers, to dress them in what was long considered age-appropriate clothing. The Chicago Tribune reported last week that sociologists and retail experts confirm that clothes for girls are becoming more sexualized and are designed to look more like their moms'. And the recession has only spurred the trend, the article says, since parents are more willing to spend money on their children’s clothes than their own, and retailers have caught on.

A blog on Baby Center titled, “Why do girls’ clothes get slutty at age 7?” garnered more than 150 comments from parents commiserating with the writer’s dismay and offering ideas for stores that carry more traditional clothes.

What do you think? Do current fashion trends for girls bother you? How do you approach shopping for school clothes for your daughters?

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