23 Aug 2014
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I was There

I'm a volunteer at the Evanston Animal Shelter who worked at the shelter during the euthanasia by C.A.R.E. of more than one dozen dogs who failed C.A.R.E.'s behavior evaluations. I personally worked with these dogs and developed relationships with each one of them. I was heartsick and angry at these euthanasias, which I considered completely unwarranted, and I fully support those volunteers who have spoken out against C.A.R.E.'s behavior evaluations and its numerous euthanasias of dogs that should have been given another chance and were not. I was there, and I saw what happened. As a professional journalist and as a C.A.R.E. volunteer, I vouch for the authenticity of the claims against C.A.R.E. and truly hope that the City of Evanston will see fit to find a new solution to this very real and unacceptable situation. --Susan Hodges

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