Jul 28, 2014
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Maple. Bacon. Donut. Need We Say More?

In Patch's weekly column looking at unusual foods around the North Shore, we drool over the bacon-topped, maple flavored long john donuts for sale at Bennison's. Part of this complete breakfast?

Maple. Bacon. Donut. Need We Say More?

Sometimes, it's a tough decision between sweet and savory in the morning. Do you want something salty and greasy, or just a good old-fashioned sugar high?

Bennison's Bakery in Evanston makes it easy.

On Thursdays through Saturday's, stroll in for the maple flavored, bacon-topped long john donuts. We're talking a full strip of bacon laid lovingly atop a thick smear of maple frosting. 

Bennison's started making the donuts a little less than a year ago, after the store owner heard about bacon-topped donuts being sold in Seattle, according to store manager Sam Griffin. They've been popular ever since.

"People just get that for breakfast--it's filling," says Griffin. She recommends pairing it with orange juice or coffee for a complete breakfast. But get there early; Griffin says the donuts usually sell out by 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for weekly looks at more odd eats around the lake shore. And if you have any suggestions for where we should go next, leave a comment below.

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