23 Aug 2014
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Moving to Evanston this Summer

Hi everyone,

I've lived in Lakeview since 2004, but this winter, I made a big leap and proposed to a long time friend from Pennsylvania. This summer, Amanda, her 13 year-old son, and myself (along with our new baby due in August) will be moving to Evanston after much advice from friends concerning the high school and terrific neighborhood. While I have a lot on my mind, my biggest concern is for the social adjustment of Amanda's 13 year old son. He is finishing his 8th grade in Pennsylvania but will be starting his freshman year at ETHS in the Fall.  I've moved around quite a bit as a kid, so I know how difficult it is meeting new friends, especially in High School.  Does anyone know of a good way for him to make some friends before school starts? Or maybe there is a forum somewhere for other kids moving into the area? I just want to make sure he isn't isolated by the time his first day rolls around.  I would appreciate any advice that you may have. Feel free to contact me directly at jonasfeliciano@gmail.com

Thanks and I'm looking forward to becoming your neighbor!

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