20 Aug 2014
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Parent/Teacher Conferences

A New Perspective.

I've just left an evening of parent/teacher conferences for my middle-schooler.   The faces I saw tonight -- parents and teachers alike -- were a mix of tired, determined, and searching. 

No one mentioned the pipe-bomb suicide last month which dominated our thoughts and closed our school for days. 

It feels so long ago. 

The parent/teacher conferences were spaced in five-minute-allotments for each student.  However, there wasn't a single conference I attended lasting less than 15 minutes.

I passed the school's newly appointed principal, Sarah Mendez, and wondered how she's holding up.  I wanted to pull her out into the hall, away from the parents she was listening to, and say, "Thank you for all you did to keep our school safe and calm during such an unbelievable crisis." 

It feels so long ago. 

I met our son's teachers for Spanish, Science and Language Arts, and listened to the rapid-fire cadence of their opinions about his performance, his participation and his attitude in class.  I was told by more than one teacher that my son is the spitting image of me. 

As I type this, I cannot help but wonder if Colin Dalebroux resembled one of his parents. 

It feels so long ago. 

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